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Getting into good ICOs is becoming more difficult all the time. Institutional buyers enjoy first offerings and better pricing, while the rest of us get what’s left over. Not anymore.

Enter ICO Syndicate.

What is the ICO Syndicate?


We are a massive community of crypto enthusiasts, influencers and advisors.

ICO Founders

Even famous ICO founders contribute along with us to new projects.

Good Prices

As a leading group in the space, we often get the same or better prices and access to ICOs as institutional buyers.

100,000+ Total ETH pooled

40+ Featured ICOs

10,000+ Approved members

How does the ICO Syndicate work?

Sign up for free

Once approved, you’ll get free access to our private community.

Get exclusive ICO deals

Our negotiators work directly with ICOs to get exclusive deals for the community. Once we make a deal, you’ll get alerted and sent a summary of the ICO deal via email, Telegram and the website.

Now it’s time for you to take a look!

Contribute only to the ICOs you choose

If you like what you see, you can jump in with the rest of the community. If not, no problem. You are never required to buy a particular ICO. You can pick the deals you like and leave the rest.

Enjoy the extra bonus

Our prices are often just as good as those offered to hedge funds and venture capital firms! These backroom prices are how the rich get richer. ICO Syndicate opens the doors for everyone.

Rise in the ranks

Our admins and members are very active on Telegram.

You should be advised that our deals are strictly confidential. Discussing them publicly will greatly damage your reputation in our community.

On the other hand, as a reliable and trustworthy member, you will be rewarded with special perks and access to even more exclusive deals.

A Match Made on the Moon


ICO Syndicate is the fabric connecting both buyers and founders to opportunity.

On one side, our members represent a large cross-section of ICO buyers and influencers.

On the other side, ICO founders are actively seeking support and funding in the earliest stages of their projects.

We bring these two sides together, creating critical support for ICO founders and exclusive deals for our members, all while giving our community a powerful voice in the ICO market.


AMAs (“Ask Me Anything”)

Meet the ICO founders in our Telegram group or on video stream and ask them anything you like about their project, team, roadmap or tokenomics.

Pledge through our system

You can declare your intention to enter a deal with an ICO through our pledging system. Pledging helps us estimate how many tokens our entire community will want to buy and grants you priority access.

Earn ranks

As a member, you’ll be rewarded for being friendly and supportive, as well as sticking to your pledges. You’ll get perks like earlier access and exclusive deals.

Stay informed

You’ll have access to our chat room, where community members discuss projects and deals, even after tokens have been distributed. This forum means that you’re no longer alone in figuring out why the price of a token is tanking or mooning.

Meet SyndyBot

Our friendly chat bot answers your questions about past and present deals, offering details like launch time, token price and distribution time.

Helping the community

Our network includes a volunteer crew of white hat hackers ready to help ICO community members in need of emergency support. Apply here for our help.

Are you an ICO founder interested in a private presale?

Contact us at ico@icosyndicate.org and let’s see if we can make working together a win/win for our members and your ICO!