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Private ICO community

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If you are experienced with ICOs, please apply to be considered as a member.

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How does it work?

1. Sign up for free

2. We get group ICO discounts

3. You get exclusive ICO deals via email

4. Contribute to ICOs you choose

5. Enjoy the extra bonus

About syndicated ICO deals

ICO Syndicate aims to provide about 3-4 high-quality ICO deals per month to its members.

Example ICO deal

  • ICO Syndicate members pre-sale bonus: 50%
  • Public pre-sale bonus: 25%
  • Public ICO sale bonus: 0%

After announcing the deal on our mailing list, ICO syndicate members typically have at least 48 hours to do their own research and participate in the deal.

There’s usually a limited allocation for the syndicated deals. Some deals sell out in less than 5 minutes.

These deals are private and exclusive to ICO Syndicate members. Under no circumstances are ICO Syndicate members allowed to make the deals publicly known.

It is the responsibility of each member to perform their own research and make sure they are eligible to participate in the respective private sale.

How does ICO Syndicate get better deals?

Thanks to the size of the ICO Syndicate, we can negotiate better deals with ICO founders on behalf of our members.

On one side, ICO Syndicate members represent a large group of ICO buyers and influencers.

On the other side, ICO founders are looking to secure early supporters to get funding for the early stages of their projects.

Connecting the two sides is a win/win: ICO founders get early supporters and ICO Syndicate members get better deals than the public.

Are you an ICO founder interested in a private presale?

Contact us at ico@icosyndicate.org and let’s see if we can make working together a win/win for our members and your ICO!